The Epidemic that Saved Her Art

Sam McElligott, a small- town artist, delves deep into her passion during COVID-19

Where does Inspiration Come From?

Many of us struggle to find our inspiration, we confuse inspiration with aspiration. In fact, aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something, and inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do and feel something. Inspiration triggers a feeling of admiration, feeling in awe and connected to a powerful source of energy. Sam McElligott finds this inspiration on her own by doing activities she loves the most. Sam explains her situation as "having a hard time relaxing", and continues to reason, "whenever I just stop to read a book, listen to music, or watch my favorite shows, it really inspires me to be creative again. It’s easy to get caught up in the pattern of day to day chores. So when I stop and see the beauty of art in my every day life, it really allows me to express myself in my art." Other than herself, a great influence is her Grandfather, a hardworking man who emigrated from Austria to the United States. From starting over in a foreign country to building a successful business on his own, his story moved and motivated Sam to establish her own future into something that she could be proud of.

Sam's passion surfaced as a little girl, when her grandparents encouraged her to pursue art through the beauty in her everyday life. Sam explains that her grandma always did arts and crafts with her as a kid, and it was always something she had looked forward to every visit. It was that feeling that nurtured her into following a path of comfort and excitement. She had vivid memories of playing with her cousins during her childhood, tracing each other's bodies out on paper, sketching their faces, and decorating their clothes. These activities enlightened Sam to be creative when she had engaged in spontaneous thinking; Such as, mind-wandering, daydreaming, and imagining. Opening her heart up to the arts, she fell in love with her imagination and the feeling of creating.

Integrating Art and Child Development

"Children tend to gravitate towards art from a young age because it helps stimulate their brains. Art can help with their gross and fine motor skills, can help break language barriers, teach cultural awareness, and can even help support their talents on other subjects. Art can create a safe place for people to take risks and express themselves and I think it can become a great escape for someone as they navigate adulthood as well."

- Sam McElligott

Being a third generation student at Lake Michigan College, Sam McElligott graduated with an Associates in Applied Science of Child Development. As a Graphic Illustrator, Art had to be related with her career somehow, so she dreamt to expand her artistic abilities and merge it with Child Development. Sam envisions a future where the she could enhance the creativity in young children. "If you ever listen to how children of all ages speak and think," Sam said, "They are filled with creativity- even if it is confusing or doesn’t make much sense. The great thing about art is that it is extremely inclusive. It doesn’t have an age limit, it doesn’t leave out any genders or races. It is for everyone, big and small. I want to be able to inspire kids to express themselves and their thoughts through art, and that even the darkest parts of themselves can be made into something beautiful." Members at believe the concept that art exploration is not a form of entertainment for young children, but it is also educational. It allows the youth to practice a wide range of skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning. Empowering children to have a creative outlet can help relieve stress and work through stressful situations, and by encouraging their artistic expression, they will learn skills to facilitate learning and comprehension.

The Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. This epidemic impacted millions of people in different ways. However, it actually gave Sam a reason to focus on her art. Sam worked as a gymnastics coach for children of all ages. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the authorities had demanded a momentary shut down protocol. This pushed Sam to put her energy into something beneficial and productive, which transpired into her dedicated focus on creating. Unhesitant, Sam implied, "Covid is the reason that I got to where I am today. Even though I am still far from my artistic goals and haven’t found my art style yet, without Covid I don't think I would have started trying when I did."

"Sam was one of my best friends throughout high school. I watched her go through everything and vice versa. Something that I have always admired about Sam was her ability to keep pushing through anything. Every hardship that came her way, she fought through it with passion and bravery. I liked that about her. Seeing her pursue an artistic side of her child development career is something that should be inspiring to a lot of people. Art isn't easy. Real art will never be easy. Integrating art with child development is admirable because art is a form of self expression, and kids need that these days."

- Quionie Gaban, Founder of

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