Passion Particle: Founder's Story

Quionie Gaban, Founder of Passion Particle, shares her story about her passion for life

In our lives, different interactions occur every day that influence our lifestyle and actions. This mirrors the material world where millions of interactions take place every second among particles. You’ve probably come across the statement that everything is made up of particles.

Particles are the building blocks of the material world. In physics, particles means the physical elements of a matter. They are fundamental elements of a body of matter. So, when these elements interact with each other, they generate energy.

The interesting thing is that everything from your car to your phone and your body is made up of particles. You are made of molecules and atoms which consist of the nucleus and electron. Without the particles, you cannot exist.

As you are made up of physical particles, you also possess intangible particles. One of such particles is the “Passion Particle.” Although unseen, passion is a fundamental particle present in us. It is at the core of our existence. It is so important that right from childhood, we are always told to do what is our “passion.”

The passion particle interacts daily with other aspects of our being. It determines our mission, and to a large extent, influences our relationships. That is why a person passionate about creative activities would naturally spend more time with creatives or people that support their creative force. Passion pushes us to defy our odds and limitations.

We often equate passion with interest. However, passion is not merely interest. It has deeper roots. That is why passion cannot be faked or done with pretense. In the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai, passion is at the intersection of what we love and we are great at. Passion stems from the very core of our being.

If the passion particle is present in us all, then why are a lot of people not doing what they are passionate about. Here’s where the problem lies. Finding the passion particle can be quite difficult for some because our notion of passion is vague.

So how do we discover our passion particle?

There is no fixed way to do it. Like a scientist, you might conduct some experiments – through activities – to know what your passion particle is. On the other hand, you might find yours through a stroke of insight or an eureka moment. Finding your passion particle may also involve staying with self, away from the noise and constant buzz of activities.

Once you find the passion particle, things start to make more sense to you. Your challenges become meaningful and your struggles, purposeful. It’s the passion particle that work together with other particles in us to result into personal fulfillment. It’s coming to a place of self-discovery.

In a world of confusion, passion particle makes you stand out and unique. Finding your passion particle gives other aspects of your life meaning. The passion particle forms the nucleus of your being. So, what is your passion particle?

"I think throughout my entire life, I had a lot of people tell me I couldn't do something. It was always something. I was too small, I was too aggressive, I was too poor. It took me so long to realize that being able to live my dreams wasn't something impossible after all.
I've been working and doing labor for as long as I remember. I have worked so hard for so many years because a long time ago I had a dream of being where I am at right now. I can't even tell you how many times people told me I wouldn't be able to be influential with my creativity. On top of that, many more were saying I could never be as successful as I dreamt of being. After a while, it becomes exhausting. Following my passion was something that became detrimental for me for a long time before I actually started to feel like I was doing something good.
I know I'm not the only one who went through something like this. This is why I created Passion Particle. When I was younger, I wanted to so badly to be able to express my thoughts and ideas as well as promote passionate people with huge dreams. I wanted a way to shout to the world that following your passion is actually possible, no matter how crazy or wild or extravagant it is.
Whoever is reading this and can relate to it, just know that it gets better- but only if you get better. You can have whatever you want at the tip of your fingertips, but work for it and you'll be able to grasp it. There are three things in this world that can enable you to be closer to living your passion: great work ethic, curiosity, and competition.
You aren't alone here. This is just the beginning of your revelation."

- Quionie Gaban, Founder of Passion Particle

About Passion Particle

As you are made up of physical particles, you also possess intangible particles. One of such particles is the “passion particle.” Although unseen, passion is a fundamental particle present in us. It is at the core of our existence. It is so valuable that having passion has actually been proven to benefit our health (Check our studies collection).

Don’t keep your passions locked up inside you. All of your dreams, goals, and objectives- they're not impossible to reach. It seems unattainable because you most likely don't realize how big that passion is. wants you to share that feeling with the world. We want you to share your passion, your stories, and your work.

Passion Particle is a transparent and open platform. It’s about going deep inside yourself to examine the passion you feel, that tug in your heart, that lightning jolt you have in your brain that traverses its way down to your smallest particles.