Miami's Diamond on the Rise: The Betsy Hotel at South Beach

Miami is one of the hottest spots to visit in the United States. With over 20 million tourists visiting "The Magic City", many travelers are discovering new places to eat, stay, and play. The Betsy Hotel offers a luxurious experience with its rooftop views to a top-notch bar area, and a beautiful rooftop pool overlooking the life beneath it.

The Betsy Hotel promotes itself as "a beachfront gem". However, it's more than just that. With multiple thoughtful amenities, beautiful live performances, and a rather posh restaurant, The Betsy Hotel is Miami's Diamond. Within the first steps inside, visitors will notice an artistic ambience designed with specific attention to detail. With so many competitive luxury hotels in Miami, The Betsy Hotel made sure they knew how to compete.

Let's Talk about the Rooftop Pool

The Betsy Hotel's best feature is its scenic rooftop pool. With a fully serviced bar and cozy loungers, this is perfect for someone to relax or catch up on your remote work.

From the rooftop pool, you can view the entire life of the strip beneath you. At night, the lively South Beach colors and chatters become beautiful background sounds for your midnight dip.

The Betsy Hotel presents a touch of chic, art, and history in its interior. However, on the outside, It remains an elegant Instagram backdrop. With so many high quality restaurants and so diverse personalities, Ocean Drive serves as the runway for The Betsy Hotel.

The Betsy Hotel brings style and comfort to South Beach, presenting it as Miami's underrated Diamond.


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