From Overwhelmed to Overseas, Iona Baird Writes Her Dreams to Life presents our very first story, featuring an ambitious, small- town writer: Iona Baird.

Dear creative minds,

There are dreamers everywhere. However, out of that pool of dreamers, only a few understand that pursuing a dream is a personal and intimate journey with oneself. Blessed with her opportunity to travel the world while indulging in unique European cuisines, culture, and art, Iona Baird expands her inspiration for her novels.

Some of us might consider this "a dream come true", but Iona believes that her traveling endeavors are just another step closer to her next piece of writing. As a team, members are always finding new ways to highlight dreamers and leaders. Considering her adventurous stories and creative experiences, it's safe to say that Iona Baird is a perfect combination of both.

Iona Baird is a devoted creator who aspires to be the next "Best-selling Novelist". She daydreams of spending her days writing books, traveling, and telling stories about her experiences through her novels. In the same manner that aims to feature young creatives, Iona aspires to eventually guest teach creative writing seminars. Her vision is to convince other writers like her to pursue their dream and passion for writing.

From Overwhelmed to Overseas

The beginning of her story started with her small- town life in Niles, Michigan. Prior to graduating high school, Iona was already planning to attend a school overseas. Although her dream was to be a writer, she was haunted by the pressure of success. In many places in the world, this means a degree that would eventually fill their wallets. For Iona, this meant sacrificing her dreams of writing to hound a business degree.

Being a business student at Queen's University Belfast, Ireland came with challenges and difficulties, but the idea of being in debt for the rest of her life was an excruciating fear that clouded over her. However, after spending some time studying business, Iona eventually found the gumption to risk her fears to take a step towards her dreams. She decided she was ready to abandon the mathematical studies of a business student, and instead challenge her brain in a more creative manner. Iona explains her incuriosity of the school of business as "just spreadsheets and numbers". Shifting her focus to notepads and letters, she chose to switch her major to Creative Writing and English, where she was re-introduced to her passion for writing.

Sadly, many aspiring and growing artists who submit their stories to our platform share similar experiences as Iona. We always regret to hear such stories so we make it our mission on to empower world- changers and dreamers to bring their vision to life. Iona describes her pride in following her dream with her powerful statement: "I’ll deal with the debt later hopefully- I just can’t live my life in fear of it".

"Writing is timeless. It’s a way of communicating like no other, and throughout centuries we’re able to sympathize with each other through writing. I wasn’t always an avid reader, didn’t really start reading until I was 13. Before I read books, I mostly just followed in the steps of my parents- never really thinking for myself. Reading helped shaped who I am, my beliefs, my political alignments so much; I mean, really, writing and reading can change who you are. I also think it enables the reader to be compassionate and empathetic towards other’s experiences. If nothing else, it can be very entertaining. I have fun writing. I explore who I am—and who others are—when I’m writing. My biggest passion with writing is exploring the “shades of grey”.

- Iona Baird

In the near future, Iona would like to co-produce and screen write for a television show. The doubt that clouds over many creatives are overwhelming, and knowing this, Iona is motivated to continue teaching creative writing seminars to persuade other creatives to begin chasing their dreams. Without a doubt, Iona recognizes writing her story to success is a journey full of hesitation, downfalls, and blank papers. However, she enables her dreams to take her back to her life overseas where she coddled herself in that unique European experience.

Regardless of the challenges on her way up, Iona reminds herself, "You know what they say, aim for the stars and you might land on a decent sized hill". At, We believe in empowering dreamers who take initiative. Our goal is to push for a community of leaders who can change the world one step at a time. In this story, Iona Baird can do it one page at a time.

"I had the opportunity to reach out to Iona a couple years ago when I was in the process of building my portfolio. I reached out to her on Instagram with the intention of collaborating with her for photoshoots. A couple years pass, and several photoshoots later, she's now a friend that I value. She has the ability to write her visions to life. I don't know how, but she can manipulate insane ideas into tangible plots. She took a risk to give her dreams a chance, that's what is about".

- Quionie Gaban, CEO of

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