Courtney Saunders Designs the Path to Her Future Highlights the Portrayal of an Emerging Artist

All artists have dreams of making it big someday, but only a few of them do. Some people say it's based off of luck, but there's a difference between artists who make it because they're lucky and artists who make it because they're passionate. At we empower artists who we believe can make an impact in the world- even if it's just one small change at a time.

We always hear those stories about people who changed their major a million times before reaching (or settling) for the right one. However, we don't really know that could be us until we experience it firsthand. Feeling lost in her studies, Courtney Saunders found herself lost in the midst of a similar situation. By featuring Courtney's story about academic and career contemplation, discovers the reason behind her passions.

Voltage Calculations and Vibrant Colors

Courtney Saunders abruptly halted her studies in Engineering and switched from a Graphic Design minor to pursuing an entire BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) for Graphic Design. She concluded to pursue a Graphic Design degree because she felt how her heart strings were tugged when she was appointed with the decision between choosing vibrant colors and bold fonts as opposed to solving for an integral or calculating a voltage. "Don't get me wrong," Courtney stated, "I still enjoyed my engineering courses. I rebelled in learning how to find my way amongst the huge textbooks of Calculus and Circuit Analysis. I loved breaking huge concepts into something that could be replicated, understood and explained." With this in mind, Courtney makes it her mission to seek a course of action that would integrate both graphic design and engineering.

"Self-doubt is my biggest weakness. If I had a penny for how often I’ve doubted myself, I’d be a zillionaire. Along with self-doubt, I struggle with stress that comes alongside clients not liking my ideas. However, that same stress also pushes me into the creative zone by energizing and motivating me to produce something meaningful."

- Courtney Saunders, Andrews University

"To think that I can do something for graphic design is astonishing. How could my designs ever make such a noticeable ripple in the pool — or rather, the ocean of shifting trends within the graphic design community? I cannot begin to imagine that possibility! I pray that I can do what graphic design has done for me — to inspire others, whether they are from the generation to come or the one ahead of me."

- Courtney Saunders, Andrews University

Pursuing a degree in Art is difficult enough as it is. Not only is a very competitive field followed by a massive load of stress, it's also a field that tends to be full of artists who doubt themselves more than they congratulate themselves. Not to mention the cost it takes to be an art student and the even bigger cost of being successful. Sadly, many creators anticipate when their next "big idea" will emerge- it's part of the journey of being an artist. Creative blocks are barriers to inspiration and it can be very difficult to get past them. The self- dominating aspects of our own feelings or behaviors turn us into self critics. For leaders, this means enabling this fault-finding mindset to act creatively and innovatively.

Courtney fights this battle along with a variety of artists that have experienced these difficulties out of the fear of failure. Courtney overcomes this fear by perpetually brainstorming the morning of her meetings. Regardless, Courtney said, "Sometimes the client loves my ideas, and other times it's back to the drawing board".

Being in the early stages of her Graphic Design career, Courtney is still in the process of learning how to attach a price tag to her work. She is constantly struggling to create her worth as an artist. She never dreamt of the idea of putting value into her pieces before college, so changing this way of thinking has proved to be very difficult. However, Courtney knows that for as long as she pushes through, she will gain rewards. Courtney chooses to allow her artistic passion to lead her future. Although she doesn't have an ultimate destination, she believes her heart and mind will eventually take her there. As a future leader, Courtney's dream is to utilize the skills that have been cultivated in her college experience by exemplifying the integration of both graphic design and engineering. She aims to design visuals that can spark conversations, contemplations, and creativity. In the same manner, encourages visionaries to conversate, contemplate, and create.

"I think it's important that people like Courtney tell their stories. The inner battle that artists have with themselves are always overlooked, and Courtney does an amazing job portraying that in her own personal story. Despite her contemplations and doubts, she allows her passion for graphic design drive her dreams for her. At, we make it our mission to highlight visual narratives of people like this."

- Quionie Gaban, CEO of

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