Caleb Schaftlein Promotes His Passion Through Other Creatives

Content Producer Icon leads 700,000 people with his passion is thrilled to release our highlight of Caleb Schaftlein, a self- made content producer icon from Bloomington, Indiana. Caleb is the Founder of Bleachfilm, a digital visual platform dedicated to photographers. His creative journey in photography began at 16 years old when his parents agreed to let him purchase his very first Nikon J1 camera. Without hesitation, Caleb discovered his passion and dedication for digital media, which eventually led to his mission of promoting a community of dedicated artists. Inspired by the pool of creatives that surrounded him, Caleb transformed his dream into a massive community worldwide.

A World of Passion

In 2010, Instagram was launched as an American photo and video sharing social networking service. The platform introduced Caleb to a world of passion, which inspired him to unite and lead a community of talented photographers. By 2012, Caleb became committed to growing his account into a society of 700,000 followers up to date.

Being in the spotlight of social media, it becomes easy to get sucked into the mainstream social media trends. However, Caleb catered Bleachfilm to represent the values of authenticity and diversity. As a growing content creator and promoter, Bleachfilm focuses on concepts that ignite memories and emotions. To fuel his fire, Bleachfilm welcomes the undiscovered with open arms and curiosity.

Setting The Scene

"I always focus on planning the small details beforehand to tell the story. It is important to focus on details of a photoshoot beforehand, such as: the location, the clothes, the accessories, and the props we utilize with before the shoot. This is how I set the scene for the story to differentiate my work from other photographers. I aim to make people question what will happen next."

- Caleb Schaftlein, Founder of Bleachfilm

The beauty of photography starts with captured moments that lead to the creation of visual outlets for photographers to narrate their stories through images. By sharing his passions, Caleb is able to connect his romantic connection for content creation. Likewise, his content depicts the emotive representation of love and desire. Caleb believes in illustrating love stories, which explains his professional endeavors to mainly pursue wedding events.

"I think it's beautiful to capture their special day in photographs so they can have those memories last forever".

- Caleb Schaftlein, Founder of Bleachfilm

Caleb emphasizes that in order to be successful at telling others' stories, it's important to build trust with his clients. He made it known that the strong client connection is substantial in order to seize the right environment to empower the piece to flow naturally. Bleachfilm is designed to build this connection with their collaborators on a deep personal level by caring about the subject's story, their desires in life, and their future career objectives.

Transforming his Dreams to Reality

At the beginning stage of his career, Caleb went out of his way to seek as many experiences as he could. At first, he was programmed to photographing self-portraits, however, he began exploring photographical concepts that would challenge his creative abilities. When he first started, Caleb had decided to book his very first photoshoot with a model and had chosen to invite his best friend for moral support. After the long and intricate session, his best friend discouraged him about the quality of his photographs. Needless to say, Caleb's dreams were crushed and this pushed him to spiral into self-disappointment. Fortunately, after some time gathering himself up, he decided to build a platform where he could feature his art in addition with the works of other amazing artists. Caleb was determined to share the talent and skill of others in lieu of just showcasing his personal work. In consequence, on April 2012, Bleachfilm was born.

The account was an immediate success, and people from all over the world were falling in love with Bleachfilm's content. Caleb carefully analyzed Bleachfilm' posts, activity, and engagement rates every day. Based on his findings, he created his "tips and tricks in photography" tutorials. After introducing the platform's newest analytical and marketing features, Bleachfilm users were captivated, which in turn became the successful development of his account's rapid organic growth.

At, we admire innovators who shoot for the stars. Bleachfilm provides a platform for artists' voices to be heard, Caleb Schaftlein created a platform for other artist's to be heard, and now we are doing the same for him.

"I have talked to Caleb briefly a couple years ago before he hit 500,000 followers. He was still in college- still studying Informatics, and still growing his passion for storytelling and content creating. I've watched him grow his account to extreme extents rapidly from afar, and I am super proud of his abilities."

Quionie Gaban, Founder of Passion Particle