Brian Lowe, an LA Festival Experience Designer, Rises from the Ashes

Brian Lowe, a 24 year old Festival Experience Creator from Los Angeles, had recently released and sold his 3D visual art to Illenium's visual team. Illenium is an American DJ and Record Producer. As victorious as this sounds, Brian shares his authentic and humbling story of passion, doubt, realization, and conquering the negativity before his success.

Brian Lowe identifies himself as the moniker: "Enter My Dreams Visuals", which happened to be a personal brand that Brian Lowe built for himself since the seventh grade. Being 24 years old and having the role of a Festival Experience Creator for massive music festivals is something that he truly watched unfold before him. In addition to this, Brian spends his spare time as a 3D Animator for video games to ensure his visual designing skills are consistently being improved.

"Everyday I wake up looking in the mirror. Seeing the same face, the same person, the same eyes; but within those eyes, are new visions and dreams. Everyday is a waking moment to be someone new, to express new ideas. Raw or refined into this world. Art fuels me, it keeps me alive, it keeps me up more than anything, eternal. I am eternal with my movements, always seamlessly flowing when art is generated right from my heart."

- Brian Lowe, Festival Experience Creator

"Enter My Dreams Visuals" is a collective of advanced and visually appealing 3D animation art. The young artist is ambitious about his work and is determined to push beyond the normal scope of 3D artists. In addition to his admirable dedication to art, Brian Lowe states, "The world without art, wouldn't be a world. It would not exist. The world IS art. The golden ratio is embedded in our nature. Everything around you is connected in a super complex dynamic system that we, us humans in society, have created. It is a web of ever growing knowledge. Art sustains the world, and the movers of this world will always be generational artists."

Facing the psychological effects of depression throughout his creative career, Brian Lowe describes his rise to artistic competency. In discussion of his mental health, Brian makes it apparent that he is prideful and relieved that he was able to watch himself grow as an artist, and most importantly: a human.

I have doubted myself countless times. Depression, creative block, haters, you name it. I was bullied my whole life for having such an abstract mind and approach to art. People in my hometown said I would never amount to anything. Yet here I am doing the art I create from my dreams at an elite level for a living; the very art I was bullied for doing. Fuck them. Fuck anyone who has to say you can't do something you want to do. Passion will always overkill and put you in the best position.

- Brian Lowe, Founder and Creator of Enter My Dreams Visuals

Brian currently does festivals as his main line of work, however he impacts a much bigger community than just the average electronic dance music crowd. He caters his artistic skill to create logos for homeless shelters as well as directing and editing social issues films. Brian maintains his creative rhythm by being extremely active in local communities and using his passion to impact the world.

Enter His Dreams:

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